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Leading Matters is solely focused equipping your people – your most valuable asset – to bring their best attitude, thinking, decisions and actions to work every day.

Starting with your leaders, moving to your critically important teams and finishing with your foundation – the culture.

We create high-performance:

  • LEADERS who are trust-worthy, strong and in-service to the greater good
  • TEAMS that operate as a “sum that is much greater than its parts”
  • CULTURE that guides employees to consistently make the right choices


Unlock Leadership Potential
Leadership development services that unlock the fullest potential of your leaders and teams.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Communications
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Executive Team Effectiveness
  • New Executive Leader
  • Engineer Transition to Leader
  • Strategic Meeting Facilitation
  • Executive Team Offsite/Workshop
  • Leadership Development Program

Accelerate Strategic Initiatives
Support your leaders and teams to expedite and successfully deliver on mission-critical initiatives.


  • Scale the Business Strategy
  • Leading Transformation
  • Leading Innovation
  • Success Measurement
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Communication Strategy
  • Project Team Effectiveness
  • Transformation Framework and Tools
  • Transformation/Change Center of Excellence

Build Strong Cultures
Ensure the cultural behaviors serve the best interest of your customers, employees, partners and business success.


  • Culture Assessment
  • Culture Design
  • Culture Propagation
  • Innovation Culture
  • Cultural Behavior Shift
  • Culture Integration
  • Hire for Cultural Fit
  • Workforce Motivation
  • Connected Community

“Our annual Chief Technology Officer offsite plays a critical role in our company’s operating rhythms to grow and develop our senior product and technology leaders. This event was one of the first deliverables in my new role, and Cynthia helped me execute the event flawlessly. Guided by her engaging and thoughtful facilitation style, we successfully reviewed our strategy as well as strengthened our leadership skills and teamwork. Cynthia is a dream to work with. I highly recommend her.”

– Merline Saintil, Head of Operations, Office of the EVP & CTO, Intuit

“Implementing a new ERP on a global scale required large-scale process, technology and role redesign. Adrienne played a critical role, creating a strong framework, change governance and global communications.”

– Mark Burrows, SVP, Global Business Services, Juniper

“One word sums it up. Accelerate. Leading Matters team taught my E-staff to communicate and engage in ways that accelerate solutions. Working through issues could take us months. Too much misalignment, unproductive dynamics and miscommunication. Now it takes us days. They accelerated my E-staff’s delivery. I highly recommend them.”

– Ken Denman, CEO Openwave

“We revamped our business model. It affected every single aspect of our organization – including executive staff – and required a monumental shift in our culture. Adrienne was instrumental. She articulated the big picture, identified key stakeholders and secured champions.”

– Wasi Wahid, Senior Director, Commercial Strategy, Symantec

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Cynthia over a number of years in her role as facilitator for Watermark’s C-Suite events and for strategic planning sessions that include some of Silicon Valley’s most sophisticated, high-end executives. She stays focused on impact and does so with creativity and tact. Cynthia has the rare combination of being in touch with business trends in the market while understanding that human behavior drives revenue – both matter and both drive successful results.”

– Lynne Borne, Chair, Board of Directors, Watermark

Are you ready to play a bigger game?