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Our Team of Experts

Our Leading Matters team is deft at quickly assessing complex leadership, relationship, communication and cultural situations. Then lickety-split, we’ll deliver solutions to improve performance. Building on these quick-wins, we’ll team with you to develop longer-term strategies, plans and capability.

We have stood in your shoes before and know how to fix your people-based needs and jams quickly — and that helps your business succeed.

Cynthia Ridley, Founder / Principle

Masterful executive coach, leadership development expert and transformational change guru with 25+ years’ experience that combines deep business acumen and engineering systems knowledge with a passion for inspiring leaders to play a bigger game. Instrumental in driving better business results. Esteemed reputation for developing leader to their next-level potential, solving communication challenges and improving relational-dynamics that impede success. Penchant for working with technology leaders and helping fast-growth companies to scale. Designed and delivered 60+ leadership development programs/workshops, coached 120+ executives and senior leaders and managed 8+ large-scale transformational change management projects.

See Cynthia’s LinkedIn profile.

Red Boots

My go-to for being grounded, in my power and playing big. Red cowboy boots. Why? Because they feel like I’m on a journey, where in every moment I witness something amazing unfold, my heart is anchored and fierce for the sake of what is possible. “Don’t let her warm gracious nature fool you, she will kick your entire team in the a** to get them to step it up. With some pointy toe boots.”

Adrienne Whitmore, Senior Associate

Transformation Strategist and Sage with 25 years’ experience. Led 28+ large-scale transformation initiatives, effecting change for stakeholder populations from 12,000 to 40,000 globally, spanning 10 to 200 countries. Trusted advisor to C-Suite leaders, brings clarity to complex challenges with calm, pragmatism and decisiveness. Known for creating harmony and removing barriers that get in the way of teamwork. Bridges the divide among team members from different functions, regions/countries and Big4 consulting firms. Applies best practice methodologies including Six-Sigma, CAP and Prosci to deliver lasting results. Highly experienced with enterprise solutions including Oracle ERP, SAP, Salesforce and GA outsourcing efforts. See Adrienne’s LinkedIn profile.

Many Lenses

I collect eyeglasses – each with a different shape, color and style to match my mood, outfit and mission at hand. They’re a metaphor for how I work with clients – I see each through a unique lens. I see what they’re trying to accomplish, their particular approach and how to leverage their unique strengths. I love to create harmony so that everyone involved feels relevant, valuable and confident that they’re making important contributions to the team. I structure team success. It’s all in where you put your focus and how you hold the many lenses.

Ken Parekh, Senior Associate

Trusted business advisor, talented executive coach and leadership development expert. Brings over 25+ years’ experience advising global businesses and boards in highly competitive marketplaces with an emphasis on innovation. Strengthens organizational capabilities and builds high performance teams. Specializes in fast growth technology and professional services organizations. Highly successful teaming with analytical, entrepreneurial leaders to scale their businesses. Ken has worked with over 150+ functional leaders in R&D, Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, IT and Legal as well as the CXO suite. See Ken’s LinkedIn profile.

Family Matters

What matters to me? Family. Balance. Perspective. Every day, my boys teach me the importance of patience, empathy, listening and adapting to their needs. Together with my wife, they are my bedrock – I help clients anchor to their bedrock. I support them to keep balance, find perspective and focus on what really matters. “Ken helped me gain clarity on my key priorities”. They become stronger, more authentic leaders. “I’m in such a better place thanks to Ken’s consistent reminder to focus on what’s really important to me, understand my needs and strengths”.

My goal? Is to have the same impact on my boys…

Are you ready to play a bigger game?